Online Casino Gambling Myths

May 15, 2017

Since the online gambling industry is still pretty new to the Internet, there is some uncertainty regarding its legitimacy no deposit bonus casino uk, legalities and rules. In this article we will attempt to expose and debunk some of the biggest online casino gambling myths:


Myth – All online gambling is illegal

Fact – Wrong. Online gambling is legal in some countries and illegal in others. For instance, strictly speaking, gambling online is not yet legal in the United States but it allowed in the United Kingdom.

However, over 45% of the world’s current online gamblers are US based. It is extremely difficult for any government to track its citizen’s Internet habits. There is a big movement to allow novoline online US States to regulate their own online gambling policies.


Myth – Online gambling attracts more underage gambling than in land-casinos

Fact – Wrong. In fact the opposite is true. When players sign up at online casinos, they are required to provide proof of age and identity to register.

In addition, the various methods of deposit undergo stringent online checking to ensure that the depositors are indeed adults. A ‘fake ID’ will not get an underage player into an online casino as it might in a land casino.


Myth – Online gambling can be more addictive than in land casinos

Fact – Wrong. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this. Studies have shown online gambling to be no more addictive than any other form of gambling including land-casino gambling, sports betting or home poker games.

Unfortunately, the reality is that any individual with a predisposition to gambling addiction is just as likely to develop a problem playing the lottery as playing online.


Myth – Online gambling is dishonest and unfair

Fact – Wrong. As the online gambling industry has evolved in the past 10 years, so have the rules, regulations and ‘watchdog’ organizations surrounding it.

The most popular online casinos and poker rooms are all licensed in jurisdictions around the world where gambling online is legal.

All licensed casinos are subject to strict laws as set down by these jurisdictions to ensure fair play, honesty and integrity for the protection of both online gamblers and the online casinos.

The majority of top online casinos are regularly audited to prove to their players that their payout percentages are indeed the same as those advertised.

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