Casino Gambling Winners

January 3, 2017

One of the main differences between gambling online and gambling in land casinos, is that in land casinos you can literally hear and see people winning around you.

Obviously when casino gambling online, you don’t have that luxury and you may have wondered once or twice whether people actually win the big payouts and progressive jackpots online.

Well, you can put your mind at rest. Every day, regular folk just like you and me win online and I’m not talking about a few Dollars, Pounds or Euros.

I’m talking about seriously large winnings.

For instance, earlier this year online gambler Claude C won the $330 000 Treasure Nile Slots progressive jackpot, while playing at Golden Riviera Casino.

Claude was quoted as saying that he was simply playing the maximum bet each time, when his screen suddenly lit up with a congratulatory message informing him of his mammoth win!

Also recently, while playing at Slots Royale Casino, Simon K won just over $55 000, Ashley S recently won $32 000 playing a top Microgaming slots game at River Nile Casino, and Paul O from California, won just under $30 000 on a 5-reel slots game at Miami Paradise Casino.

Most best gambling casinos will list their most recent winners and their winnings on their websites.

So if you’re after the big bucks, choose gambling games to suit your taste and be prepared to win big!

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